20 Christmas Stories




Originally developed to be played on the radio, these 20 Christmas stories are available now for you to play at home.

Biblical Christmas Stories

  1. Thoughts of Joseph
  2. Providing for Mary
  3. Talking with Elizabeth
  4. Finding Another Stable
  5. The Birth of Messiah

The Christmas Carol

  1. Losing Your Situation
  2. In the Bed Chamber
  3. Seeing Young Belle
  4. Jamie
  5. Pay Raise

Other Christmas Stories

  1. Peace on the Battle Field
  2. Martin the Cobbler
  3. Gift of the Magi
  4. Writing Silent Night
  5. Personal Christmas Story

After-Christmas Stories

  1. The Shepherds’ Report
  2. The Flight into Egypt
  3. Going Back to Nazareth
  4. Silent Years
  5. Jesus at Twelve Years Old