BibleTelling: Old Testament

BibleTelling has selected 36 Bible stories that give the structure of the Old Testament and teaches it in chronological order. These are divided into four books of nine stories. The goal of a BibleTelling class is simple. Each member of the class learns to tell the stories of the Bible in chronological order. It is Bible storytelling – a 21st century version of the oldest method of teaching the Bible. for more information

A look inside the BibleTelling books

Search the Scripture

This helps you become familiar with the written story before learning to tell the oral story. It includes details of the story and viewpoints from the various books where it is found in the Bible.

Crossword Puzzle

All the words and clues for these puzzles are taken from the written story. This helps you review names and places involved in the story, even when they are not included in the oral story.


The key to learning to tell a story is not memorizing it. You should try to tell a Bible story like you tell what you had for breakfast. You see it in your mind and tell what you see. Storyboards are mental pictures and hand gestures that make learning the story easy and fun.
Drawing the Storyboard

It is important to express the storyboard on paper once you learn it. Some draw stick figures, write words, make an outline, or draw an elaborate picture. It doesn’t matter. Putting it on paper helps cement the storyboard in the brain.


It is important for the story to take up residence inside the heart. This is done when people have the opportunity to communicate the story in their most enjoyable form of expression. A list of activities is offered with each story. Some activities are for groups while others are for individuals.

Text Boxes

The text boxes near the beginning of the course are focused on storytelling tips that help you do a better job of telling a story. Further into the course, the text boxes focus on Biblical history and customs. This helps you better understand the times in which the story took place.


You should take time to reflect on what you have personally learned. Answering the journaling questions give you the opportunity to express in writing what the story teaches and how it impacts your life. These thoughts can also be shared in a group discussion.

The Big Story

Each lesson has space reserved for you to relate the individual story to the overall story of Scripture.


These may be used in an academic setting or simply be a fun way to test yourself. It is amazing to see how much your Bible knowledge increases

as you learn these stories!


A test is written for every three stories. These are not in the BibleTelling books, but they are included in the Teacher’s Manual. The manual also has answer keys for the course.

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